Olivia Palchus, Intern, Dulles Landing

Olivia started at Salon Khouri in late April, 2017 as a shampoo tech. Olivia signed into the Salon Khouri internship program in August 2017. Olivia’s favorite thing about working at Salon Khouri is the team atmosphere that helps the team blend together, which she strongly feels helps the team to teach each other new techniques and skills. Olivia states, “Because of the team environment, everyone at the salon is so eager to show me different ways of doing things but then I also have Jonathan to rope me back in to teach me how to do things by the book. I think what I really enjoy about the internship is the hands on experience that I’m gaining from working but also the online classes that help me to learn the background of things.”

Olivia became interested in the hair industry after watching all of her friends getting ready for college but having no plan with what they wanted to do afterward. It really helped Olivia examine what she wanted to do career-wise and she recalled her experiences as a young girl going with her mom to the salon. Olivia recalls watching the stylists work, asking questions about how and why there were doing what they were doing. Olivia emphatically states, “I guess you can say it was meant to be!”

In her off time, Olivia volunteers at a local animal shelter. Olivia has two dogs and three cats of her own and states that she is “beyond thrilled to help these guys get put into loving homes.”