Salon Khouri is First Northern Virginia Hair Salon to Offer Innovative Air Wave Perm


Airwave Machine

We are excited to be the first salon in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area to offer the Air Wave perm using the state-of-the-art Air Wave machine from Takara Belmont! Created in Japan, the Air Wave perm uses new and innovative technology that will create a soft, beautiful curl in your hair without damaging your locks! Unlike traditional perms where your hair is curly when wet, curls from an air wave perm reappear once your hair dries. Like any perm, however, you do need to be sure you are using quality styling products and have a good understanding of how to maintain and style your hair. Our highly trained stylists are happy to assist with both product recommendations and styling tips/tricks!

The Air Wave machine, invented by Takara Belmont, employs a new shape-memory system. The entire process is four steps. The first step in the process is a commTakaraBelmontAirWaveon step shared with traditional cold perms and newer, hot digital perms: softening the hair to receive the curl. The second and third steps are unique to the Air Wave perm. In the second step, called “Creeping,” the Air Wave machine allows the natural water particles in the hair to create movement. It then swells the cortex cells to create waves by optimizing and controlling temperature and moisture levels of the hair. In the third step, called “Glass Transition,” the hair is gently dried, where the circulating warm air allows the hair to “memorize” the new waves of the cortex cells and cell membrane complex. Throughout this step, the temperature of the air is only 53–60℃ (127-140℉), which is what makes the Air Wave technique safer for your hair than digital hot perms. The futuristic machine, once connected to the rods in the hair, does make one think they are being prepped for a scene in a sci-fi flick, but this step is pivotal and sets the Air Wave apart from any other perm! In the final step, an oxidizing agent is applied to secure the natural waves.

While traditionally permed hair can damage already stressed hair creating a frizzy appearance, the Air Wave process substantially minimizes damage by using low heat and high quality products. Some even feel their hair is softer to the touch post-treatment!

We are excited to be the first salon in the DC area to offer this state-of-the art service. Salon Khouri stylist, Orie Hanrahan, originally from Japan, is an expert at the Air Wave perm service and we are proud to be the first to offer this exclusive service using the Air Wave machine to the Northern Virginia Area.

The futuristic machine, once connected to the rods in the hair, does make one think they are being prepped for a scene in a sci-fi flick, but this step is pivotal and sets the Air Wave apart from any other perm!

Here’s what to expect at your Air Wave appointment:

  • We ask that all clients schedule a complimentary consultation prior to booking an Air Wave service. The stylist needs to examine your hair type, ask you about your hair history, and go over pricing with you.
  • The scheduled Air Wave appointment will last approximately 2 hours for shoulder length hair, and could take up to 3-4 hours for longer/thicker hair.
  • The Air Wave starts at $200 for shoulder length, normal volume hair for a two hour service. You can expect to pay $300 to $400 for very long or thick hair. A formal quote will be provided at your complimentary consultation.
  • Your stylist will provide styling tips to you during your appointment. The stylist will also recommend high quality products to purchase at the time of your appointment to help style, protect, and maintain your investment. Using the products recommended by your stylist is essential.



We are going to smash a few walnuts this month …

Our July community outreach partner is the Smashing Walnuts foundation, founded by Ellyn and Mark Miller at the urging of their nine year old daughter, Gabriella. Gabriella wanted to help raise funding and awareness for childhood brain cancers. At 9 years old, Gabriella was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), an inoperable brain tumor which is terminal upon diagnosis. Her tumor was the size of a walnut. Wanting to spread awareness and raise money for research, Gabriella quickly became a global advocate for children with cancer, raising nearly $300,000 for children’s cancer charities. To say Gabriella was a powerhouse is an understatement! We never had the opportunity to meet Gabriella in person, but were blessed to hear her speak at CureFest in 2013, which you can watch below. We were amazed by her eloquence, courage and ability to captivate an audience better than most celebrities.

Less than a year after her diagnosis, Gabriella passed away surrounded by family and friends who promised to continue her work. An interview filmed just two weeks before her death led to the creation of a Federal Bill, the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act, allocating $126 million for childhood disease research and kick started the Smashing Walnuts mission to focus on research.

Raising money for research in childhood cancers is critical. There is simply not enough funding in this area to bring about change. In fact, in the last 30 years, only THREE drugs have been developed to treat cancer in children exclusively. According to CureSearch, the amount of research dollars spent per patient is 5 times more for adults than for children. An article published on indicated that the funding for childhood cancer clinical trials in 2008 was $26.4 million. By comparison, federal funding for AIDS research at the same time was $254 million while funding for breast cancer topped $584 million.

An article published on indicated that the funding for childhood cancer clinical trials in 2008 was $26.4 million. By comparison, federal funding for AIDS research at the same time was $254 million and funding for breast cancer topped $584 million.

We are not saying that other cancers should not be funded. We just feel that funding for childhood cancers is disproportionate compared to adult cancers. For example, Of the National Cancer Institute’s budget of $4.9 billion, only 4% is allocated toward childhood cancer research. The Salon Khouri team stands beside Smashing Walnuts and many other local, childhood cancer non-profits to firmly state that 4% is not enough for our kids.

Gabriella smashing a walnut to symbolize smashing out DIPG. The walnut was the same size as the inoperable tumor that took her life  within just one year of diagnosis.

Gabriella smashing a walnut to symbolize smashing out DIPG. The walnut was the same size as the inoperable tumor that took her life within just one year of diagnosis.

This July, Salon Khouri will donate $1 from every haircut from our Dulles and Fairfax locations to Smashing Walnuts. We know it’s not millions, but we’ve been shown in many amazing ways that little can make big. We pray the money will lead to a cure so that no other parent will have to endure the loss of their child to cancer.

The Art of Driving is urging you to know these shocking facts!

ArtOfDrivingLogoDid you know that inexperience and distractions are the leading causes of teen driving fatalities, particularly for 16 and 17 year olds?

Robin Thompson, Founder of The Art of Driving, is out to change these statistics by increasing your child’s driving IQ through the many great programs offered by this unique, local non-profit. Robin lost her sixteen year old daughter, Ashley, in 2003 in a singular vehicular accident. Through her devastation and grief, Robin wanted to do something to help other teens and parents.

Every year approximately 3,000 teens die on our nation’s highways and another 300,000 suffer severe injuries and lifelong disabilities. The National Safety Council sees the issue as a national health crisis, and Robin believes that every parent and teen should pay attention.

We’ve been proud supporters of The Art of Driving for many years. In addition to the helping raise the driving IQ of our local teens, The Art of Driving also has a scholarship foundation. We are blessed to once again sponsor The Art of Driving this June by donating $1 from every haircut in our Fairfax and Dulles Landing Locations. We encourage you, particularly in this high risk driving season of high school graduations, to read through the Art of Driving website to learn how to raise your teen’s driving IQ and encourage them to Take the Pledge to be smart teen drivers.

Additionally, you can purchase a children’s story through the Art of Driving titled, How the Firefly Got Its Name, written by Ashley when she was just twelve. Proceeds from the book support The Art of Driving. Ashley was a lover of the Latin language as well as Green and Roman mythology. Originally an assignment for her seventh grade Latin class, How the Firefly Got It’s Name was submitted to the Virginia Junior Classical League Latin Convention after the urging of her teacher where it won first place. It’s a beautiful story and we urge you to purchase a book for your children or as a gift to a local school library.


Our May Community Outreach Partner – and Project!

Our community outreach partner for May is two fold!TT365
First, we will be donating $1 from every haircut in May to the Childhood Cancer Dream Team of Pediatric Oncologists via the Truth 365. We love what The Truth 365 is doing in the childhood cancer awareness arena and, they are funding research grants that are helping multiple childhood cancers. In April 2016, The Truth 365 funded $440,000 in grants through a Collaborative Pediatric Cancer Research Awards Program that will fund groundbreaking research for the following childhood cancers: Medulloblastoma, Neuroblastoma, High Grade Glioma, Recurrent Brain Tumors, AML & ALL, Ewing Sarcoma, Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma, and DIPG. Research for childhood cancers is severely underfunded. In fact, the National Cancer Institute spends only 4% of its federal research dollars for cancer research on childhood cancers. These children deserve more than 4%. In the past thirty years, there have only been three drugs approved by the FDA specifically formulated for childhood cancers. Most protocols being used to treat these children are outdated and were never intended to be used on children. We are blessed to be able to support The Truth 365 and, although we don’t have millions to give, the dollar we donate from your support of our salon could just be that one dollar that saves a life. Every dollar — every penny — counts.


KatesCauseSecond, we are also asking for your help to purchase toys for Kate’s Cause Birthday Toy Drive benefiting the children of the PSV Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders! And, this project is super easy! Kate’s Cause has put together a wish list. Simply bring a toy from this list to Salon Khouri or purchase via Amazon and ship to us at Salon Khouri at either of our locations. We will then deliver all the amazing LOVE our clients sent to The Rhoades Family before June 5th, which is Kate’s 5th birthday. Sadly, Kate lost her life to leukemia this January at just four years old, and we would like to make this toy drive the biggest and best 5th birthday present we could give to Kate! We know she will be smiling down on this project with her sweet cheeks from heaven!

Mother’s Day Packages

Pamper Her Packages

Bronze: $79
60 Minute Signature Facial
Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

Silver: $129
60 Minute Signature Facial
Kevin Murphy Treat.ME Hair Treatment

Platinum: $179
60 Minute Signature Facial
Anti-Aging Eye Treatment
Kevin Murphy Treat.ME Hair Treatment

Not sure which to choose? Purchase a Salon Khouri gift card and let mom choose from our amazing services or products!


Available for purchase the month of May 2016. Packages must be used by December 31, 2016.

Join us at the Rust & Ruffles Flea Market

Join us on Friday, April 29th from 10 AM – 8 PM at the Rust and Ruffles Flea Market in Aldie, VA. Just browse below to see some of the adorable items that will be available in time for Mother’s Day! Please RSVP here.

Hope Candle

We will be on hand doing mini makeovers, hand massages and on-the-spot complimentary consultations. And, we will have our amazing, handcrafted body massage candles as well. The cute, custom pillow, yup, you can pick up your own custom pillows from Burlap and Badges at the event as well!


Sweet little skirts from Burlap & Badges!


Galvanized tins from Flight of Fancy!


Farmhouse chic gifts from Girl Garage Designs!


Handcrafted Body Massage candles from Salon Khouri!


Custom signs from Burlap and Badges!

SPA Week 2016

We are taking appointments for SPA Week now! Hurry, these appointments don’t last long! Enjoy a 50 minute Signature Facial with an instant anti-aging eye treatment for just $50! Call us at 703.273.7878 to reserve your spot now!


On a Journey 4 a Cure …

04.12.16: We wanted to share this sad news about Casey’s family. On March 28th, their home was burglarized. The thieves took a lock box from their home which contained not only photo CDs of their family photos, but also Casey’s ashes. We are praying that Casey’s ashes are returned home. The Truth 365 shared this news on their Facebook page. Please share the story on Facebook. The more people who see it, the more chances there are that Casey’s ashes will be returned to the Kropf’s.


Sweet Declan Carmical was diagnosed with AT/RT when he was just eight months old. We learned of Declan in 2009, when we were rallying behind Taylor Love, another local child diagnosed with cancer. We were quickly learning that childhood cancer is not rare.

Sadly, Declan lost his battle on August 18, 2010, just 8 days shy of his first birthday. Just one year later, one of our friends lost their sweet 14 month old,Casey Kropf, to the same cancer (AT/RT). Childhood cancer is taking too many children from loved ones. We hope to do everything we can to raise funds and awareness for local non-profits who are working toward a cure.

Journey 4 A Cure was created in memory of Declan to raise awareness, fund research and help families battling this horrible disease. Their objectives are to:

  • Enable cutting-edge pediatric cancer research
  • Inform the community about the realities of pediatric cancer, the statistics and funding inequities, and encourage public policy reform.
  • Enhance the quality of life for children currently undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Encourage families of children currently undergoing cancer treatment.

We will be donating $1 from every haircut in the month of April to this amazing, local non-profit in memory of Declan and Casey.


We’re Joining Alex’s Army this March!

Alex Green was diagnosed with a Stage IV Wilms Tumor in 2009 at the young age of 5. To say he is a fighter is a bit of an understatement. As of September 2014, Alex has endured 400 chemo/infusions/immunizations, 100 clinic visits, 15 ER visits, 200 inpatient admissions, 300 IV pokes, 34 total days of radiation, 32 times being put to sleep, 1 bone marrow aspirate, 100 scans (CT/Xray/PET/Echo/EKG) and 15 surgeries. None of it has been easy, and we hope and pray for a cure for Alex and for the thousands of other children battling cancer.

We love finding local non-profit organizations that are making a difference in unique and meaningful ways, and for the month of March, we chose Alex’s Army Childhood Cancer Foundation. AACCF was created to provide Christian based support to children, parents, siblings, family members and friends living with a Pediatric Cancer diagnosis while raising awareness and funding for Pediatric Cancer Research.

We will be donating $1 from every haircut this month to Alex’s Army in the hopes that one of those dollars will help bring us one step closer to a cure.




This battle is relentless, exhausting, heartbreaking, but we stand strong and fight for our baby, no matter what that might mean. – Jenni and Derek Green

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